Eight Japanese Artists

exonemo, Mariko Fujimoto, Yojiro Imasaka, Tsukasa Kanawa, Shohei Kondo, Sarai Mari, Yasuo Nomura, Motoko Otsuki

Jan 14 - Feb 6, 2022

Opening Reception:
Postponed (Closing Reception: TBA)

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NowHere is pleased to announce the opening of a group exhibition by eight Japanese artists: exonemo, Mariko Fujimoto, Yojiro Imasaka, Tsukasa Kanawa,
Shohei Kondo, Sarai Mari, Yasuo Nomura and Motoko Otsuki.




The Japanese artist unit exonemo (Kensuke Sembo and Yae Akaiwa) was formed in 1996 on the internet. Their experimental projects are typically humorous and innovative explorations of the paradoxes of digital and analog, computer networked and actual environments in our lives. Their The Road Movie won the Golden Nica for Net Vision category at Prix Ars Electronica 2006. They have been organizing IDPW gatherings and "The Internet Yami-Ichi" since 2012. exonemo has been based in New York since 2015.
*Supported by Infinite Objects @infiniteobjects


Mariko Fujimoto

Mariko Fujimoto is a graduate of the Department of Oil Painting, Tama Art University, Tokyo. In addition to two solo exhibitions at Nanjo House and Musee Ginza in Tokyo, she has shown her work in numerous group shows across Japan. Fujimoto received the FACE Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Art Award in 2020. In 2015, Fujimoto received a residency from the Mixed Bathing World Triennale at the Beppu Contemporary Art Festival in Beppu, Japan.


Yojiro Imasaka

Yojiro Imasaka received an MFA from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. His work has been exhibited globally. His photos are in numerous collections including the Minneapolis Institute of Art and the Carnegie Museum of Art. Imasaka uses medium and large format film cameras—tools that require technical expertise and much patience. He generally works in the landscape genre, making photos extensively in his hometown, the site of the first atomic bomb used during wartime. He has also traveled the globe to make his art: the continental United States, Hawai’i, the German countryside—Imasaka finds living manifestations of his vision seemingly anywhere he goes. Across his body of work, Imasaka addresses themes of time, mortality, and nature. His primary thematic focus is on a future that does not include humanity—a world in which the wild returns amidst the ruins of our time.  


Tsukasa Kanawa

Tsukasa Kanawa’s first artistic endeavors were in the world of graffiti when he was 15. He subsequently attended Kougei High School of Nagoya with a major in Art and Design. After graduation, he moved to New York and undertook an intern- ship at the Matsuyama Studio, where he has been since 2009. He most recently exhibited his work at Nepenthes NY, NowHere Gallery ,and 3rd Ethos Gallery in Brooklyn.


Shohei Kondo

Shohei Kondo is a conceptual artist whose work explores Zen through the lens of pop culture via both an Eastern and Western perspective. Kondo, who studied meditation as a child, views his work as a metaphor for the Zen principle that all topics are equally important or equally meaningless. He has continued meditation throughout his life and explores the acceptance of one’s imperfections and the pursuit of Zen through his artistic practice.


Sarai Mari

Sarai Mari studied photography at Santa Monica College in Los Angeles when she was a teenager. She began her career as a photojournalist in New York, then moved back to Japan and transitioned to fashion photography. After six years in Tokyo, she relocated to London where she became a well-established fashion photographer, shooting for numerous magazines such as Dazed & Confused and Harper’s Bazaar UK. In 2014, she moved back to New York where she has come to focus on portraiture.
Mari’s first book, Naked, is a monograph of female nudes published in 2011 and is the culmination of her work with the subjects of femininity and female sexuality. In 2017, Mari released her second book, Speak Easy, with Damiani Books. The work in this book is a photographic investigation of the gender roles men and women play within society. Mari’s third book, Delusion, was released by the Japanese publisher THOUSAND, Inc. in May 2019. With this book, Mari’s dream of working with the art director Fabien Baron came true. Delusion is focused on Mari’s own phobias and fantasies. In March of 2021, Mari released her fourth book, September. 2020 NYC, from the publisher Purezine.


Yasuo Nomura

Yasuo Nomura is a conceptual artist based in New York, born in Shimane, Japan. He earned his BA in oil painting at Musashino Art University in 2004. In 2018, Nomura won a grant from the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs to stay in New York and has been living and working here since then. In 2021, He was offered a three-year production support grant from the Vilcek Foundation to develop his project-based work.
His work explores the physical and mathematical underpinnings of the natural world and our cosmos. In 2015, he undertook a residency program at the Kavli IPMU and had deeply inspired by superstring theory, the most advanced theory in modern physics. This experience led him to the concept of Dimensionism it intends to update perceptions by targeting "higher dimensions''.


Motoko Otsuki

Motoko Otsuki received her BA and MA from Tokyo Zokei University. Otsuki has had many solo exhibitions, most recently at Gallery M.A.P. in Fukuoka and Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store in 2019. Her work has been exhibited at Art Fair Tokyo numerous times as well as at fairs in Seoul and Osaka. In 2020, she was a guest lecturer at her alma mater. Next time you’re in Tokyo, you can see a mural by Otsuki at Kamon-ya restaurant in the Yurakucho Underpass Street in the Yurakucho District.


Visual: Yojiro Imasaka, Werra no9", Type C-print, 30"x40", 2018

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