Metaverse Petshop

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It might be said that a gallery is a petshop for art. Stop in, browse, and pick something to come home and live with you. Here we see that idea quite literalized, with the Japanese art duo exonemo locking up a kennel’s worth of virtual dogs inside steel cages in the confines of NowHere. These data animals live for ten minutes—unless someone purchases them within that time frame, they will be erased and replaced by a new dog with a new look. But once a dog is owned and transferred to one’s phone, the owner may then choose to go a step further and have the animal “killed” so that its vibrant, one-of-a-kind skin can be converted into an NFT.

.: 24 pages
.: 6 x 8.5 inches

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Metaverse Petshop

July 2nd - August 21st, 2022


exonemo / U & I


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