Silicone Mug Cup

This mug from the Japanese company SiNG, with its subtle coloring and unique matte texture, is perfect for your favorite hot drink. Made from silicone-rubber, it warms up slowly and is virtually unbreakable. It’s attractive enough to display at home, but tough enough to bring on your next camping trip.

Steel Tool Trunk

This tooltrunk comes from the Japanese manufacturing town of Higashiōsaka, where each one is made from a single steel plate using the deep-drawing hydraulic press method. This forges an incredibly strong and seamless box. And instead of hinges, &NUT has designed a claw that extends down from the lid to connect it to the body, ensuring a super-tight seal. Specialized artisans, professional mechanics, technical engineers, and home DIY hobbyists have long recognized this tooltrunk’s quality, making it the most popular of its kind in Japan.