We're excited to share the news regarding art duo, exonemo, 2 recent awards. They recently received a “Visions of the City - Obayashi Foundation Research Program” grant. They are the third recipient of this award which supports artists in their research and investigation activities centered around "cities." They also received "The Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's Art Encouragement Price for New Artists of Fine Arts." Notable with this award is an art duo paving the way for media art to be recognized as fine art.  

exonemo's U & I exhibition was NowHere's inaugural exhibition in October 2019. Since then, exonemo has been keeping active. Despite the pandemic, they held their first retrospective exhibition at the Tokyo Photographic Museum in the fall of 2020.
We congratulate exonemo on these awards and will keep an eye on their projects. We look forward to inviting them back to NowHere sometime in the future.

View exhibition page
Go to exonemo website

Image01: Photo by Niko
Image02: Still from the exhibition, "exonemo UN-DEAD-LINK"
Courtesy of Tokyo Photographic Art Museum 
Photo: MARUO Ryuichi

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